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Latin American Director Releases Documentary About Polyamory

poly7Reposted with permission from Kseniya Yorsh, Producer of Poly-Love

An Ecuadorian film director Michelle Flores made herself known in North American film community by directing ‘Poly-Love’ – a short documentary about a family that believed in love without monogamy.

The film, released in 2016, was presented at the 69th edition of the Cannes Film Festival and received positive reviews both by mainstream film critics (Carmela Baranowska) and bloggers writing about sexuality (C.J. Asher).

The project itself has become the voice of a community that was underrepresented because of stereotypes surrounding polyamory. The poly community applauded the story approach whose focus went beyond the curiosity of what polyamory is and got deep into what love is instead.

The polyamorous black community received ‘Poly-Love’ as a resource of information and a resource of acceptance to a phenomenon that is gaining adepts in all spectrums of the society. Another new angle to this film is the particularity of the main characters and the fact that they represent a different type of an American family.

Evita and Kevin Sawyer and Brianna Garduno are the protagonists who decided to form a triad and raise three children in a different style of family. They opened the intimacy of their home and souls so that others who are thinking about this lifestyle could see firsthand what it’s like to open your heart to more than one person.

The success of the film led to its distribution on a variety of Video on Demand (VOD) platforms in the USA, Spain and France. In 2017 this documentary about an American family made by a Latin American director has become available on Norwegian broadcast TV, proving that documentaries, even if they talk about non-traditional lifestyles, can be translated into a variety of languages and mentalities as they speak the universal language everyone can understand – the language of honesty and honoring human experiences.

Teaser trailer to the film can be found at:


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