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Chapter 2 Club’s New Podcast Series Helps Divorced Women Navigate Online Dating

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“Dating After Divorce” features insights from professional matchmaker and author Cassie Zampa-Keim

NEW YORK, NY – According to a 2014 study by the National Center for Family and Marriage Research, for every 1,000 married women, 17.6 of those women will divorce. Online dating, which can be overwhelming even to digital-native Millennials, didn’t exist when many of the women who are now leaving long-term marriages were last looking for love. So what’s a woman to do when she finds herself single in the age of swipe-right?

First: Relax, because Chapter2Club has the answers. Billed the “smart woman’s guide to divorce and everything after,” Chapter 2 Club has launched a new four-part podcast series featuring renowned author and relationship strategist Cassie Zampa-Keim. In “Dating After Divorce,” Chapter 2 Club co-founder Mary Beth Leisen sits down with Zampa-Keim to discuss today’s dating scene, particularly online dating–and how to feel excited, rather than filled with dread, at the prospect of dating again. The podcasts are available on the Chapter 2 Club website as well as iTunes.

A must-listen for any woman considering dipping her toes back into the dating waters, the “Dating After Divorce” podcast series dives into every aspect of dating as a mature woman, from regaining the confidence you might have lost decades ago to learning how to connect with dating partners online and growing a social network of other singles with similar interests and experiences.

“Online dating puts the numbers on your side,” Zampa-Keim explained. “There’s an ocean’s worth of eligible, compatible singles out there, many of whom are closer than you think. By using the strategies we discuss in the ‘Dating After Divorce’ podcast and the search tools provided by online dating sites, women can turn that ocean into a manageable pond.”

Because a compelling online profile is key to attracting the kind of dating partners a woman is actually interested in, Zampa-Keim gives Chapter 2 Club listeners tips on creating effective profiles and communicating with potential dates. Armed with the right knowledge, women can safely enjoy dating again whether they meet people online or off.

“Women need to know life doesn’t end when a long-term marriage does,” Leisen stated. “Yes, dating looks a little different now that apps and websites streamline the process of meeting people, but learning how to navigate the world of online dating is worthwhile and, for many women, leads to friendship and romance.”

Founded by women who have all been through divorce, Chapter 2 Club is a place where women can get advice, share their stories, and–most importantly–know they are part of a nurturing community. Chapter 1 was the marriage; Chapter 2 is what comes after and we help you write it. Learn more at

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