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He Said No :(

Taylor JonesBy Guest Contributor Taylor B. Jones of The Sugar Daddy Formula

“I can’t afford it at this time.”

“Why does it have to be so transactional?”

“Our company just ‘reorganized” … blah blah…

“I don’t want to feel like I’m buying you.”

“I just want to make sure I’m getting my money’s worth out of the times I see you.”

“Things are really tight at home.”

“I fully attend to put you on an allowance but some financial obligations came up.”

“Having problems with the Ex and she is asking for more money for child support.”

“I have some unexpected home repairs.”

“I really like you and I want to make sure we are compatible.”

“How do I know you really care about me and not looking for my money?”

“I’ve been thinking about it and I’m not sure this whole sugar thing is for me. Want to be my girlfriend?”

“My account has been hacked and bank is looking into it.”

In other words, when she (let’s call her Ms. Goldie) asked him for what she wanted. She wanted him to say, “Yes.”

His utterance was a roundabout filled-with-excuses ==> “No.”

On the surface, a “No” may be interpreted as an obstacle when in fact it is the first step towards setting the foundation to the arrangement and many cases getting what is wanted.

Understanding the different facets of “No” is critical to our Sugar Baby success.

There are two kinds of “Nos.”

  1. One is used for protection.
  2. The other is used for rejection.

Most “NOs” that we hear are from Sugar Daddy’s seeking protection and security.

It is often hard for us to see this because often when our Sugar Daddy says “No” we feel rejected.

We take it personally.

We need to understand that a rejection is not a rejection of us personally.

We become better at getting what we want when we can make that distinction.

In addition, “No” usually represents confusion and fear on some level.

The fear and confusion of the Sugar Daddy is mentally justifying if it’s worth it to him and protecting himself from being used.

In the Sugar Bowl (means in the world of sugar daddy/sugar baby dating), the “No” you get is generated by the fear of commitment and/or uncertainty.

In either environment, these are emotional responses best addressed through the use of labels (“It seems, It sounds”) and calibrated questions (“How, What”).

They work towards getting a ‘yes’, and they will work for you as well.

Not sure how to use them for your advantage? I’ll show you in the Sugar Lab.

In the Sugar Lab you’ll learn…

  • How to get your Sugar Daddy to follow your lead by Mirroring you (how to use mirrors to evoke invisible emotions that you display, and get him to feel as though you must be reading his mind)
  • How you truly feel about the “F” Word (that word is “fair” and understand what your SD perceives to be is fair, and strive to find a happy medium to the relationship you want)
  • How to keep your SD talking to leverage the conversation (hint: LISTEN & PAUSE)
  • Learn the power of labels to encourage your SD to be responsive and targeting your SD using labels to attract the right relationship you seek based on what you want)
  • Learn how to build rapport faster (not weeks, not months, not years – instantly!)
  • How to make the foundation you are forming gets happen with you both being on the same page (no surprises or misunderstandings to the arrangement)
  • How to say in control without compromising
  • Understand the rules of getting an allowance (it’s the sweet spot of getting it)
  • Three kinds of “yes’s” from your Sugar Daddy you need to beware of
  • and much more…

You’ll also get access to the “Script Bank”…

  • Mistakes you are making with your profile (and how to fix it) with examples
  • Creating your own copy & paste messages that work
  • Get him to indirectly ask you out (or be direct)
  • How to end your relationship or say goodbye to someone without being awkward
  • Got viewed? But no message. (we have a script for that!)
  • Initial emails to swipe to get his attention with subject headlines
  • When a SD hasn’t logged in but you are interested (yep, we have a script for that)
  • What to send when your SD reschedules
  • AND so much MORE!!!
  • PLUS, you can request a script for what you need *boom*

In addition, you get access to Sugar Baby Training (Workshops Value $47)!

The investment will increase as more stuff is added and the doors closes in a few days.

You can get it for $27 now that also includes a Private Support Network.

You can feel rest assured that it’s not connected to any of your social media – we can keep a secret as you can partake anonymously!

Did you know on your billing statement it’ll say R&D Global Inc?  Your privacy is important to me and I’ll keep it that way.

If you are ready to stop winging it, and focused on results.

You should join us.


You know how Sugars struggle to attract & get what they want? I find solutions.

P.S: As a Sugar Baby, we have no fear of “No.”

We get it all of the time.

As a result, we are not blinded by the desire to hear “Yes.”

We focus on leading the Sugar Daddy to a ‘yes’, and by doing so he’ll be more comfortable giving us a confirmation “Yes” because we did not try to force him into a commitment “Yes.”

We did not attack his “No” head-on. We embraced it. We removed the objections.

Having a profile is not enough to getting you what you want.

The profile has only one job and that’s to get an interaction.

What are your going say to get what you want and have him want to?

Let me show you my methods that you can implement, and have support to assist you.

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