News Ticker Advises Men on the Rules of Social Media Pickup

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Lifestyle Site Offers Simple Tips on How to Make an Impression Online ‘Without Being Creepy’

LONDON, UK – Adult entertainer Harriet Sugarcookie’s wildly popular adult lifestyle site for men,, tackles the delicate art of making an online connection in her latest advice article, ‘How to Meet Women on Social Media Without Being Creepy’.

Sugarcookie writes that social media sites “can almost be compared to bars and coffee shops. It’s not made for dating, but you can definitely flirt with someone there.”

With Twitter, “you can follow your crushes’ tweets, like them and engage them in conversation… replying to them publicly means everyone can see,” she says. “That means you should consider not flirting, but simply having a conversation… once you’ve gotten their attention, work on building up a connection. Then you can move things to direct messaging (or “slide into their DMs”) and be more flirty there.”

For Facebook users, Sugarcookie advises a different approach: “Pick girls who you might actually have friends in common with. Once you are already friends it’s best to open up a private message… ‘Oh I saw you posted about x; I have an interest in that as well! What did you think of…?’ This way you’re starting a conversation.”

With Instagram, “there’s no rule against liking as many posts by your crush as you want. Commenting is also a free-for-all… more leeway on giving compliments. It’s fine to tell a girl she’s beautiful straight away, and that you think her photos are super-hot,” noting that of the three social media platforms, she finds Instagram to be the most “shallow”, meaning “the mentality is a little bit more open.”

Sugarcookie also lists some Don’ts for fledgling online flirts to keep from making future irreparable mistakes, available for rookies to read now at

The award-winning online destination, currently the U.K’s most-visited adult site with over 300,000 monthly visitors, focuses primarily on general lifestyle interests – pop culture features, advice columns, adult industry news, recipes, movie reviews.

The site’s real draw is the petite beauty’s NSFW live webcam performances and video collection of XXX amateur clips, such as “Tina Kay Has Sex on the Sofa”, that fully engage and entertain fans in a ‘nerd culture’ atmosphere created uniquely by Sugarcookie herself.

Visit Harriet Sugarcookie on her NEW FACEBOOK PAGE and follow her on Twitter (@HSugarCookie) and Instagram (@harrietsugarcookie).

Adult performer, cam girl, model and lifestyle blogger Harriet Sugarcookie is the very definition of a 21st century porn star. The petite teen Asian beauty from London, England and self-described nerd has parlayed her fresh-faced girl-next door charm into an indie prestige lifestyle brand,, chock-full of tech, film, fantasy football, free cam shows, pop culture, personal musings, advice columns and amateur hardcore reality porn with Sugarcookie’s closest friends.

In the short time since the site’s 2015 launch, which has already acquired an impressive 30,000 VIP members and over 300,000 monthly visitors, currently stands as the leading adult site in the United Kingdom, and the bespectacled ingénue – and former awkward ‘ugly duckling’ – from London, England has since blossomed into an independent company boss who calls the shots on the production and distribution of every aspect of her site’s personally-managed content.

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