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KinkD, a New App for Fetish Enthusiasts, Launches Globally

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A new dating app for those with kinks and fetishes officially launched across the globe after its beta testing. It is dubbed the Tinder for Fetish enthusiasts and it aims to make sex life great again. During the beta testing period, the app has gotten about 30K users.

Couples often complain that their sex life has become dull the longer they’re together. Sex has become a routine and not as exciting as it could be. “The purpose of creating KinkD is to help kinky people connect with each other easier and bring a little kink into the bedroom. When sex starts to get monotonous, getting into kink can help you make your sex life great again,” said John, the co-founder of KinkD. “The Fifty Shades series have inspired discussions about Fetishes & BDSM. Society has become more open and accepting of kink. It’s now seen as fun and positive, not grimy and nasty.”

Before globally launching KinkD, the KinkD team continuously improved the app based on the feedback from its initial users. The main feature of KinkD is similar to Tinder – users upload their photos and swipe to get matched with other kinky users. However, KinkD doesn’t provide users with a Facebook login like Tinder, just in case some users are afraid that their personal information will be disclosed on social media.

KinkD aims to create a safe and private community for kinky people. Photo verification feature makes the community safer. Users can submit their IDs to verify their profile photos. KinkD’s staff review the verification requests from their users every day. Private albums allow users to upload some photos they are not comfortable showing publicly. If anyone wants to view the photos in the private album, they can send a request to the owner. Once access is granted, they’re able to view the private photos.

After joining, you are required to select your role in your kinky lifestyle. The roles include dominant, submissive, master and many more. KinkD is now available globally on Google Play and Appstore.


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John Martinuk

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