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SuperShe is Revolutionizing the Way Women Travel, Network and Achieve Success

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Bringing Badass Women From Across the Globe Together to Achieve Our Dreams

Calling those who handcraft their lives, the adventure seekers.

Those who refuse to settle for a 9-5, patrons of a life that is art. Those who trade in the cubicle for a wave.

We’re calling the movers and the shakers. The ones who venture into far corners in the name of sanity, who turn their creativity into success, the ones who lend a helping hand.

We’re calling  those who believe in themselves, the ones who believe in others.

We’re calling all SuperShes.

We’re calling real women, who are tired of hearing what they should, shouldn’t, could have, must have, must be, and everything in between. We are the women who aren’t afraid to live our lives to the fullest. The women who refuse to leave life unexplored.

SuperShe is changing the way women come together. We are leaving behind the dated methods of socializing and revitalizing the way we help ourselves succeed.

“I got tired of meeting the same type of people at the same mundane events. I was living a life of adventure and wanted to inspire others to do the same,” says Kristina Roth, Founder and CEO of SuperShe. “I saw the need to create a safe haven for those who want to live a unique life. SuperShe was born from the need for a different way of networking. SuperShe is a way for us to bring together women from around the world who are revolutionizing their industries. SuperShe brings us together, together we change the world.”

Take part in our upcoming  SuperShe retreat in Hawaii. We’re gathering a group of the world’s most innovative women for 6 revitalizing days under the sun.

Date: August 6th-12th, 2017
Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Event Type: SuperShe events bring together dynamic women in a setting like no other. With the goal of becoming better versions of ourselves- the event sets out to make that happen. Days at a SuperShe event are filled with sun, surf, clean eating, and fitness. Set in exclusively pristine settings, the events also aim to help you relax and leave feeling refreshed.

About SuperShe

SuperShe is a community. SuperShe is connecting women across the world. Together we can achieve dreams. Together we can create change.

SuperShe is different. Transforming dated ideas of networking. Exchanging conference rooms for Oahu. Ballrooms for Turks and Caicos.

SuperShe is inspiring women. We provide tools to help women improve their lives and regain overall health through: fitness, beauty, fashion, sex, spirituality, and more.

Media Contact:
Eva Valdebenito

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