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So You Wanna Be A Drag Queen?

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Innovative show from promises to change your perception of gender and sexuality


HOLLYWOOD, CA – If you ask most people what they think of Drag Queens, you’re likely to get a typical stereotype uneducated response. Director Delilah Soup and Star Valentine Anger hope to change that perception with their genre changing show “So You Wanna Be A Drag Queen’ currently available on

“My favorite thing about ‘So You Wanna Be A Drag Queen’  is how inclusive it is.” explains Director Delilah Soup. “Valentine will put anyone in Drag – women, men, men with beards, anyone. “We have the camera on people for over an hour in the makeup chair and they get so relaxed.” These really personal conversations happen where people open up about gender and sexuality. The transformations are so funky and out there – it’s amazing. ”

“My style of Drag is a mixed bag.” says star Valentine Anger. “I enjoy the traditional female impersonation along with the Avant garde Club kid style of drag. I like to think of myself as a silly down to earth queen.”

Johnny Cubert White, Jordan Kramer, and Nolan Silverstein are just some of the recent guests who lives have been changed significantly as a result of their participation in previous shows.

Full episodes are available on-demand at

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About Valentine Anger:
Who is Valentine Anger?

Valentine Anger, born Joshua, grew up in a small town in southern rural Georgia. Upon arriving, he fell into what he calls “the drag “and has never looked back. He describes his style of Drag as mixed bag, enjoying the traditional female impersonation while embracing the Avant garde Club kid style. Besides being a full time drag queen, He is now a Los Angeles based Drag Artist and Makeup Artist, practicing his craft while incorporating his fire performance art, Valentine created her own niche in the LA queer art scene. Valentine is also the Co-creator and Mother of the Haus of ATM (Art, Talent, Music) an event held at Resident in the Downtown Arts District two Sundays a month. and has appeared on a few episodes of “Transformations w/James st.James”. He is currently hosting ‘So You Wanna Be A Drag Queen’ .Directed by Delilah Soup. and produced by Nolan Silverstein, the show has created quite a buzz for its unique approach  to gender and sexuality. Follow her on Twitter@youwannabeadragqueen, her website is:

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