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Privacy Concerns Driving Web- Searchers to

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Traffic to the adult search engine surpasses a million unique visitors per month as users flock to “platforms they can trust to secure and maintain their privacy”

BOSTON, MA – The team behind adult search engine is crediting increased awareness and concern on the part of privacy-minded internet users for a recent growth in the search portal’s traffic, which has now grown to over 1 million unique visitors per month.

“I think some of this has to do with policy changes coming down from the Trump Administration, including the rolling back of privacy protections which had been proposed and adopted during the Obama years, as well as the ongoing discussion of dropping the FCC’s current net neutrality rules,” said BoodiGo co- founder Colin Rowntree, who also founded, one of the web’s longest-running BDSM sites. “A lot of web surfers, including some who probably hadn’t given their online privacy much thought in years past, are starting to look at the issue more closely, and they’re increasingly flocking to platforms they know they can trust to secure and maintain their privacy.”

From an advertiser’s perspective, BoodiGo also offers companies which might have trouble satisfying the more restrictive content policies of mainstream search engines and social media sites a space in which to advertise their wares without having to worry about their advertising campaigns being shut down for violation of vague and arbitrary rules, or due to “a sudden, anti-NSFW whim,” as BoodiGo co-founder Angie Rowntree put it.

“Since our roots are in the online adult entertainment sector, we’re all too familiar with the frustration and burden of dealing with mainstream platform content policies,” Angie, who is also the owner and founder of the popular porn-for- women site, explained. “As a search engine made exclusively by and for adults, we’re a reliable adult-friendly advertising space, where companies promoting anything from erotic entertainment to legal marijuana distribution can run their ad campaigns without having to wonder if they’re going to be left out in the cold by a sudden shift in policy.”

Launched in 2014 in part due to the Rowntrees’ frustration in dealing with ad campaigns they’d run on mainstream search portals, BoodiGo doesn’t use cookies or other user-tracking technologies to gather information about its users.

Instead, Colin said, BoodiGo “signifies a return to the original mission of search engines,” which he sees as “providing users accurate, reliable search results with a minimum of bells, whistles, muss and fuss.”

“While we understand the utility of doing so from an advertiser’s or site operator’s perspective, we’re not interested in developing a profile of our customers, or turning BoodiGo into a repository of user data which then becomes an attractive target for hackers,” Colin said. “We just want to offer a quality search experience – and we believe you can provide customers with targeted, relevant advertising while serving their search needs, and that we can accomplish this goal without gathering potentially sensitive information.”

BoodiGo is the very first adult-oriented search engine that takes the user directly to explicit 21+ sites without the clutter of mainstream search services, in a completely anonymous and secure online environment. BoodiGo was developed over a one-year period by site developers and content creators in the adult entertainment industry who set out to create a superior search service without the security and privacy issues found on mainstream sites.

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