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Introduction To The Spectacular Designs Of Same Sex Wedding Rings and Bands

lesbian-wedding-diamond-band-with-rainbow-in-14K-white-gold-FDLG5200BG-NL-WG-GSReposted from Fascinating Diamonds

After facing social discrimination for a long period of time from generations after generations, the Gay and Lesbian community acquired equality in true sense of word and law. Many eminent jewelry stores as well as individual jewelry designers have participated in the celebration by creating very unique patterns and sequences that flaunts the unbending pride of legalized gay marriages. A similar online retailer that has acquired immense fame in the passing decade, Fascinating Diamonds, has recently introduced a new section of Gay and Lesbian Engagement & Wedding Rings.

While researching in-depth on the recent jewelry designs available in market, we browsed through many other websites, but found the designs available on Fascinating Diamonds to be refreshing and very comfortable for everyday use. The price of the same sex marriage jewelry is also affordable by other stores’ standards, the quality is also impeccable as per GIA reports. Hence, have decided to illustrate their LGBT ring designs, such that our readers can pick what is best and matches their taste.

The highly acclaimed piece in their inventory is the rainbow band with milgrain borders as commented by an exclusive jewelry designer of their company. This band features numerous gemstones like sapphires, rubies, peridot and as such representing the seven different hues of rainbow. There are numerous other designs in rainbow band collection that are admired for the fine quality of gems used, as mentioned in the reviews written by their customers.

Another very popular style is the two tone rainbow eternity band design that uses two different shades of gold in diverse metal textures to cast the impressive beauty, which is very modish and elegant. Metals like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum are generally applied to acquire a contrasting edge. The customers who have purchased these bands have claimed to be very satisfied with the bands.

While personalization of bands is very common and customers also prefer it, but often complaints like ‘the font of the engraving is not proper’ or ‘it faded within few months of usage’ can be heard a lot. In this context, the simple yet outstanding engraved bands for homosexuals is the right choice. In the collection, heart- touching love quotes or phrases are inscribed in the inner edge of the band and they are much appreciated by true romantics. Several other plain bands with names engraved in the front are also among the best sellers, the recent sales report suggested. The laser etched engravings, the technology adopted by Fascinating Diamonds, is neat and highly precise, hence can easily last years after years, a tech- expert from the company purported.

From the full analysis of the designs and quality, it can be concluded that shopping online from this website is definitely, worth a try. For any further details on homosexual or LGBT wedding jewelry, one can visit

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