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Humpus Launches Hands-Free Sexual Stimulation Machine on IndieGoGo

Feelgood2 LtdReposted from Feelgood2 Ltd

Sexual stimulation aide mimics hand and wrist movement

The team at Feelgood2 Ltd is pleased to announce that they have just launched Humpus, their highly anticipated unisex, hands-free sexual stimulation machine on IndieGoGo/Humpus.

The patented device offers the natural movement of a hand and wrist with its unique arcuate (arc-u-ate) motion, offering adults a brand-new way to enjoy sexual stimulation.

Robert Lewis Stephenson is the inventor of the Humpus devices, which accommodate both men and women.

Stephenson dressed in 1800’s period costume and stood next to a life-sized replica of a Rocket Steam Locomotive to film part of his crowdfunding video. The Rocket Steam Locomotive was originally invented in 1829 by George & Robert Stephenson the namesakes of the inventor of the Humpus.

“With attitudes towards sexuality becoming more open every day, it’s only natural more people would start paying attention to the ins and outs of self-pleasure,” said Stephenson. The Humpus is attached to the user’s lower abdomen using the supplied belt. Then, the appropriate accessory (for men or for women) is attached. Speed is adjustable from 80-180 revolutions per minute, and the start and stop buttons offer further options for users.

The Humpus device is easy to store due to its micro size compared to most other similar devices, and it is also rechargeable for convenience. According to Stephenson, further attachments are being developed now.

The team behind Humpus aims to raise $80,000 in pre-orders through the current IndieGoGo campaign, which will run through the month. The money raised will go towards the costs of tooling and components, as well as manufacturing and assembly.

Humpus is $243 for either the male or female kit, but people who pledge on IndieGoGo can get theirs for $188.

“We wouldn’t have invested the tens of thousands if we didn’t think the Humpus was going to be a global success. Using a machine…feels like someone else is ‘doing the business’, so to speak. It allows you to focus on the fun rather than the function, resulting in mind-wandering pleasurable ‘me time’ moments,” said Stephenson.

About Humpus
Humpus is a hands-free device that mimics natural hand and wrist movement and lets adults enjoy solo sexual stimulation in a brand new and exciting way. Now on IndieGoGo!

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