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As STD Rates Increase in U.S., Paradise Marketing Promotes Responsible Condom Use

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Paradise Marketing, America’s Number One source of prophylactics and lubricants, is reminding sexually active men and women – in light of a new CDC report about the staggering rise in STD cases – that condoms are still the best defense against contracting infections.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention confirmed this week that new U.S. cases of sexually transmitted diseases chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis reached a record high of two million. According to Paradise Marketing owner Dennis Paradise, “we cannot state strongly enough that using a condom significantly reduces the risk of acquiring an STI.”

Paradise Marketing, which distributes over 20 quality condom product lines, including Lifestyles, Kimono, Trojan, Crown, Durex, Beyond Seven and more, adds that the newest offerings are worth trying out as stimulating accoutrement to bedroom entertainment.

“Condom technology is always evolving, with an emphasis on improved lubricants and stronger, extra-thin materials with added tactile sensations,” said Paradise.

“The once-humble condom is emerging as a viable pleasure product alongside oils, lotions and toys, and we urge folks to get out there and explore… not only for their enjoyment, but for the sake of their sexual health.”

For Paradise Marketing’s entire inventory of quality condoms, visit or contact

Paradise Marketing is the preeminent leader in the marketing and distribution of condoms, lubricants and other health-related items in the United States. Founded in 1978, the company markets the industry’s best-known and most-trusted brands globally and is proud to work with such brands as Astroglide™, Fleet™ enemas, Summer’s Eve™, Trojan™, Lifestyles™, Durex™, Schick Razors and Everready Battiers, and others. Paradise Marketing’s staff collectively holds a half-century of industry experience with unique insight into sales and marketing of health- and sex-related disposable products.

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