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Prostitutes Mourn Hugh Hefner With Spontaneous Tribute

Hugh Hefner and Dennis HofReposted from Bunny Ranch

Sex workers at Dennis Hof’s world-famous Bunny Ranch, legal brothel, in Carson City, Nevada, stunned customers and management alike early Thursday morning when they appeared in the bordello’s parlor wearing uniform black lingerie and holding white lilies in tribute to Hugh Hefner, the Playboy magazine founder, who had passed away just hours before.

“When it comes to attention, getting public displays, I’m typically guilty as charged but this was as much of a surprise to me as it was to the customers,” Hof confided.  “The girls came up with this idea completely on their own, and quite honestly, I got a little emotional when I saw it.”

Hof himself, a best-selling author and star of HBO’s long running “Cathouse” series, was a frequent guest at the Playboy mansion and considered Hefner a friend. “There is no underestimating the historical contribution that Hugh Hefner made to worldwide sexual evolution. He was a true visionary and he built one of the most iconic brands that the world will ever know. I know that for me personally, there would be no Bunny Ranch or Dennis Hof, if Hefner hadn’t shown me and so many others that openly expressing our sexuality was something that should be celebrated rather than shamed.”

Mercedes, a Bunny Ranch prostitute, fought back tears as she talked about what led to the spontaneous tribute. “Every girl here who has realized the dream of becoming a Bunny Ranch Bunny has also had the fantasy of being a Playboy Bunny and I think that because of that we have always felt a sisterhood with the Playboy Playmates. I know they are mourning just like we are and we wanted to show them that we are holding them close in our thoughts.”

Plans are under way to rename one of the Bunny Ranch’s exclusive VIP suites after the literary icon and Hof knows that Hefner would smile at knowing that a cavalcade of future sexual adventures will be occurring in a bungalow hideaway that bears his name. “I certainly had my share of fun in his grotto,” Hof reminisces fondly. “It seems only right that I should return the favor and designate a special place on my grounds for his immortalization.”

Dennis Hof and the Bunny Ranch girls are available for interviews by contacting (775) 720-9090 or

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