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Legal Brothel Owner Credits Trump, Booming Economy for Record-Breaking Year at Famous Sex Den

Dennis Hof_0215-hirez-2Reposted from Bunny Ranch

Dennis Hof, owner of the world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch and seven other legal brothels throughout Nevada, announced that 2017 is the Bunny Ranch’s most prosperous year to date. The bordello baron credits this unprecedented success to President Donald Trump and an overall confidence in the future of the American economy.

“The Prostitution business is booming under Trump,” Hof said. “Consumer confidence has reached its highest levels in nearly 20 years, and that confidence has extended to the sex industry big time.”

Hof reports that the brothel expects to exceed revenue projections in excess of 20% in 2017.

“It’s not unusual for the Bunny Ranch to surpass revenue projections,” Hof said. “After all, we offer a service that has been in high demand since the beginning of time, and the Bunny Ranch is one of the few places in America where people can participate in prostitution legally and safely.”

“But, this year, people from all walks of life are spending their disposable income like I’ve never seen — and they’re spending it on sex,” Hof said.

Tiara Tae, one of Hof’s top sex workers, doesn’t support Trump but acknowledges the brothel’s success.

“This year is my best ever, but I fear that this is validation of why my opposition to Trump is well-founded,” Tae said. “Trump supporters were sold a promise that a trickle-down tax break would result in higher wages for employees and increased investment in their own businesses. Instead, it appears as though luxury providers like me, the Mercedes dealerships, and private jet companies may be the primary benefactors.”

Hof, a Republican, is dismissive of his high-earning prostitute’s economic analysis.

“I always ask ‘What’s in it for me?'” Hof said. “And what’s in it for me is my best year ever — and record earnings for my working girls.”

Resting on 43 acres near Nevada’s state capital, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch is the world’s largest legal house of prostitution. Subject of the HBO reality series ‘Cathouse,’ the bordello boasts several amenities including lush sex bungalows and multi-room vacation cottages. The brothel is open 365 days a year and its courtesans service men, women, and couples.

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