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DKT International Contraceptive Programs in 24 Countries Work to Eliminate HIV/AIDS

dktReposted from DKT International

World AIDS Day 2017 highlights results and transparency of DKT’s partnerships/educational campaigns that encourage safe sex

The theme of World AIDS Day 2017 recognizes the importance of transparency, accountability of results, and the significance of partnerships in increasing overall impact.  These core values are exemplified in the work of DKT International to influence behavior change through innovative social marketing and safe sex education.

“We undertake a wide range of activities at DKT International; and, every campaign launched by our country programs is specifically designed to provide a deeper understanding of our target audience so that we may reach them more effectively,” says Chris Purdy, CEO and President of DKT International.  “If an activity, strategy or tactic does not result in the uptake of a product or service, our teams in country work tirelessly to consider new messaging or activities that will resonate.  Prioritizing our target audience is one of DKT’s most important organizational values – it informs the work we do and guides us to do more and do better.”

Below is a snapshot of World AIDS Day efforts and partnerships within DKT programs around the world:

  • DKT Thailand is participating in a parade with The Population and Community Development Association (PDA), the leading and most diversified NGO in Thailand, and promoting safe sex using large hand signage and social media content.
  • In Cameroon, DKT is hosting a Hot Kiss Condom Party at the University of Douala with popular music artists, a football game between DKT employees and the University students, and Kiss condom sampling on major streets, in high schools, and around college campuses – all filled with social and connected youth.
  • DKT Indonesia’s new Sutra condom commercial raises awareness of the importance of practicing safe sex to prevent the transmission of HIV, while emphasizing empathy and kindness towards those affected by the virus.
  • DKT Kenya and Uganda will spearhead a #LetsEndIt digital campaign to end isolation, stigma, and ultimately, the transmission of HIV/AIDS. Condoms will be distributed along trucking routes where there is a high prevalence of HIV transmission. Kiss condoms will also be distributed during “office invasions” around major cities. DKT Kenya and Uganda will partner with the Ministry of Health to promote World AIDS Day on a national scale.
  • All employees from DKT Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay will volunteer at Instituto Canto de Luz, a nonprofit organization that serves underprivileged children in São Paulo, Brazil. Through their partnership with Barong, an NGO that promotes sexual and reproductive health education, DKT Brazil will offer HIV and Hepatitis B/ C testing and distribute products and educational materials in a busy shopping center.

“While there is much work to be done in eliminating HIV/AIDS all together, we are proud that contraceptive social marketing continues to promote safe sex– DKT Brazil’s condom distribution recently reached 1.75 billion!” adds Purdy.

Since 1989, DKT International’s core mission has been to provide safe and affordable options for family planning and HIV prevention through social marketing. Today, DKT designs and implements social marketing programs in 24 populous countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia encompassing almost 63% of the world’s population. DKT is one of the largest private providers of contraceptives and family planning services in the developing world.


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