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Dress for Action: Condom fashion show educates in Brooklyn

condomReposted from Agility PR

Community Healthcare Network and ONE Condoms produce “Dress for Action” Condom Fashion Show in Observance of World AIDS Day

Community Healthcare Network (CHN) and ONE® Condoms partnered to host “Dress for Action: Transforming HIV/AIDS Prevention in Brooklyn” on December 1, 2017 at Brooklyn Commons. The networking and education event included a condom fashion show featuring local artists, performers and designers. Community members were invited to honor World AIDS Day in this creative way, while educating people about HIV and sexual health.

“A huge component of our mission to provide New Yorkers with quality healthcare is empowering them with the tools they need to make fully informed and sound decisions about their sexual health,” says Freddy Molano, Vice President of Infectious Diseases and LGBTQ Services. “Events like the ONE Condoms Fashion Show provide us an opportunity to bring sexual education into the communities we serve and to start a conversation with populations we may not always be able to reach in our centers.”

The event was an extension of the “Project Condom” program, through which ONE Condoms partners with health organizations and student groups across the country to host condom fashion shows.

“Community Healthcare Network and the artists did an incredible job sparking conversations about condoms through several creative costumes and performances,” said Milla Impola, Marketing Manager at ONE® Condoms. “Our mission is to end stigma and help reduce the rate of HIV and sexually transmitted infections by making conversations about condoms engaging and colorful.”

Designer Shelton Lindsay, who created three garments called “HAUTE GLU” for the show, said events like these “help us destigmatize condom use by making them fun and accessible.” His three garments were worn by Krys Fox, Kathryn Kuhn, and himself. “Using condoms in such an absurdist fashion allows us to break down barriers by creating an event that invites conversation,” said Lindsay.

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