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iStripper Reaches Milestone

iStripperReposted from YNOT

iStripper is proud to announce that it has reached the symbolic figure of 500,000 stripteases served every day to its members!

iStripper is the software that displays real stripteases directly onto computer taskbars, without background. Today, they announce that they have reached 2000 hours of shows and deliver over 500,000 stripteases every day to their active clients!

“iStripper’s growth in 2017 has exceeded our expectations -said Richard Excoffier, CEO & co-founder of Totem Entertainment. The rebranding of VirtuaGirl into iStripper mid 2016 was a real challenge that our team has faced with a great talent and amazing results!

Today, the company is more solid than ever and our projections for 2018 are such that we have decided to immediately reinfore our marketing & technical teams with four new high-skilled & experienced employees!”
«iStripper still suffers a deficit of acknowledgement from the market -added Julien aka Xmaster, Marketing Director for iStripper. Those who never tried iStripper think that it is a small niche that converts only with old computer users who haven’t made the move to mobile. Total mistake, if you ask me! Proof? our installs have grown of over 22% in 2017! We still have work ahead of us to change this vision and spread the world about the efficiency of our product!

iStripper is expecting an exponential growth in 2018, sustained by the progression of the Virtual Reality market that entices people to invest in powerful computers to serve their VR games & vids and they plan to extend to the asian market with a chinese version of iStripper that will soon join the English, French, German, Spanish, Russian & Japanese versions.

Retention is one key of their success and they have concocted the perfect recipe over the years: New content added every single day, active forum where clients vote for casting, parcitipate to contests to win fansigns, buy outfits; performing VIP program that gives discounts and other gifts at each step of the progression in collecting the shows, plus strong promotions every weekend.

iStripper’s average customer lifetime is currently of 22 months and over 8,000 clients are there for several years, buying ever single show released.

Richard EXCOFFIER and Hervé LUCCHI have been real precursors on the market of eroticism & stripteases. Over the time, they have faced with success the different metamorphosis of the market and have made the right decisions to adjust their offer and continue to enthuse their fans and renew their audience. Istripper’s content is exclusive and its technology of video inlay never equaled, it has no direct competitor which make it a preferred partner for many market players who use iStripper to supplement their offer

In December, iStripper offers $100 to each new affiliate account created, on their PPI or revshare plans! Visit to find out.

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