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Gentlemen’s Club Review: The Penthouse Club (San Francisco, CA)

penthouse_street.sceneThe Penthouse Club (San Francisco, CA)
412 Broadway Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
Phone: (415) 943-3727
Hours: Mon-Fri 6:00pm to 2:00am, Sat-Sun 7:00pm to 2:00am

The Low Down

When visiting San Francisco, many people will tell you that their most memorable experience was visiting Alcatraz, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge or experiencing a trolley ride up and down San Francisco’s famously hilly streets. For me, it will most certainly be visiting The Penthouse Club San Francisco, which stays true to its name as the place “Where the Magazine Comes to Life!” Elegant décor, amazing food and drink options and – of course – beautiful dancers make this club a must-see stop for any gentlemen’s club aficionado visiting the city. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing several Penthouse Club locations, including New Orleans, Philadelphia and New York City, and the San Francisco location matches the high quality you’ll find in its sister clubs. As with all of my gentlemen’s club reviews, I’ve rated the club on a scale of one to five stars, with five stars being the best.

Location & Facilities – 5 Stars

Located in the city’s North Beach district, The Penthouse Club San Francisco is conveniently situated within several blocks of the Financial District and The Embarcadero, the roadway looping around the bay connecting major tourist attractions such as Pier 39 and AT&T Park. The two-story, topless club features two main poles and one additional pole on the second floor, a couple of TV’s (as to not distract from the main attractions on the stage), an additional TV which occasionally plays music videos in sync with their related song (a feature that I, personally, really enjoy) and two bars, one on each floor. The private dance rooms offer the most privacy, while the couch dances are more open as is common in many clubs.

Staff – 5 Stars

You couldn’t ask for a better staff if you tried… and, coming from someone that’s reviewed over fifty clubs across the country, that’s saying something! I had the pleasure of speaking with the club’s managers Francis and Mark and learning about many of the club’s amenities and seeing all the club had to offer. Everyone from the door host to the bartenders were professional, courteous and friendly.

20120313_penthouse9_560x373.nocrop.w670.h373Food & Drink – 5 Stars

The Penthouse Club chain prides itself on offering quality food and drink options for its guests. While I won’t bother to go into the extensive libation options available, I will comment that the dining menu rivals that of many high-end steakhouses, offering Ribeye, Filet Mignon, Surf and Turf (Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail) along with their Black Angus “The Penthouse Steak,” which I tried and highly enjoyed. Their menu also includes a small appetizer list as well as salad, chicken, pasta and… wait for it… yes, dessert! Just a Lava Cake, I know, but I give extra credit to any club that has dessert on the menu!

Dancers – 5 Stars

The Penthouse Club San Francisco not only offers a host of extremely beautiful dancers, but also offers some ethnic variety; a positive attribute in an age when many high-end clubs are predominantly employing mostly white women in their early 20’s as dancers. I spent most of my time during my club visit with Vivian and Monica, two dancers that are amazing individually but will blow your mind with a duo couch dance! You can check out a sampling of dancers on the club website’s Key Girl link, offering some pictures, bio information and daily schedule.

Value – 4.5 Stars

While I would love to give The Penthouse Club San Francisco five stars in this category, it suffers from the Bay Area’s reputation of being extremely pricey relative to other parts of the country. Private couch dances run one for $40, two for $60 and three for $100 (much higher than the $20 per song national average), while their private dance rooms set you back $450 for 30 minutes and $800 per hour (with 15% credit card surcharge) without any drinks included. While the food menu is very reasonably priced, with most entrees falling in the $20 to $30 range, one glass of Chandon set me back $17. The club does offer some high-end amenities for your dollar such as the occasional feature dancer appearance, daily happy hour specials and car service. If you can afford the best in luxury these prices are still reasonable, but for those on a budget or from outside the area the pricing may be a bit restrictive to enjoying all the club has to offer.

Penthouse Club San FranciscoWebsite & Social Media – 5 Stars

Much like you’ll find with many high-end clubs, The Penthouse Club San Francisco provides not only a stylish website with extensive information including dancer schedules, their restaurant menu and daily specials, but also offers links to their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites so you can find out the latest club events and specials. Be sure to check their website for free admission info.

In Brief…

The Penthouse Club is the first club that I visited during my first-ever trip to San Francisco and it will certainly be a repeat venue for me in future trips. Despite some higher than average pricing, the club has all of the amenities to provide an unforgettable experience as a solo visitor, impressing business clients or with a group of friends.


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