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California Cryobank Offers World’s Largest Sperm/Egg Donor Catalog

California CryobankReposted from California Cryobank

California Cryobank (Cryobank), the domestic leader in the frozen sperm/egg donor industry, now offers the largest selection of donors anywhere in the world. With over 300 egg donors and nearly 600 sperm donors, the diversity and depth of the catalog is providing an expansive range of options never before available.

Bigger is better… but quantity is no substitute for quality.

“Our sperm donor screening process has never been more rigorous,” explains Executive Medical Director, Jaime Shamonki, MD. “In the last two years we’ve added a full psychological assessment with a PhD psychologist, expanded genetic testing, and a criminal background check. Less than 1% of our applicants actually becoming donors.”

Why is it harder to get into California Cryobank than a top 10 college?

“Years ago, most of our donor sperm clients were simply looking for a physical match to the husband,” explains Director of Client Experience, Scott Brown. “As family building in the LGBT community and among single mothers by choice has increased, the who of the donor has become equally as important as the what. If an applicant isn’t an interesting person who can effectively express himself is as a unique individual, he probably won’t make the cut.”

“Our egg donors are amazing young women from diverse backgrounds,” explains Heidi Hayes, Executive Vice President. “We are constantly impressed by the altruistic commitment they bring to the experience. We ask all of our donors why they are applying to be an egg donor, and their answers never cease to impress. It’s hard to turn many of them down, but our strict health, fertility, and subjective screening standards are the core of our program.”

After 40 years and over 75,000 families, Cryobank remains dedicated to its mission. “The demand for donor gametes around the world has never been greater,” says COO/President Pamela Richardson. “As incredible as the last four decades have been, they’re nothing compared to what lies ahead.”

About California Cryobank
California Cryobank provides frozen gamete services, reproductive tissue storage, and cord blood banking through FamilyCord). Operating throughout the US, Europe, Latin America, Australia, and Asia, Cryobank is registered with the FDA, accredited by the AATB and AABB, and licensed by the states of California and New York. Cryobank is a portfolio company of two healthcare-focused private investment firms, Longitude Capital and NovaQuest Capital Management.

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