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ManyVids Launches a Mental Health Initiative in Response to Adult Performer Suicides

KUqVGXxxIMJjtCBPXcX2Reposted from ManyVids

ManyVids today unveiled a free and confidential crisis intervention service for adult content creators in response to a rash of apparent suicides by adult entertainers. The company introduces a plan to better support adult entertainers in psychological distress and aims to provide adult performers with support and resources that positively contribute to their mental health and wellbeing.

“Issues of mental health impacts people across occupations, so it’s important to not further stigmatize adult entertainers as being more prone to these issues by being sex workers,” said Sed Dehan, Chief Operating Officer of ManyVids. “What we do know is that adult performers face particular challenges that make accessing support difficult, such as stigma and shaming from health professionals or internalized stigma that may lead them to believe they don’t deserve mental health care.

 MV Hotline

The MV Hotline provides mental health and emotional support as well as information to adult entertainers worldwide. An MV Support Worker will take calls, answer emails, and is available to chat from 8:00 AM – 4 PM Eastern Time, Monday to Friday. The MV Hotline is all adult performers in the industry.

The MV Hotline will also be adding to the lineup of the MV Blog, a unique avenue that lets readers connect with adult content creators on a personal level.  The MV Support Workers will be writing an ongoing blog series dedicated to informative posts on everything from mental health, sexuality, internet privacy, and more.

ManyVids will also develop and offer webinars where adult content creators from all over the globe can come together to learn about relevant topics while asking questions, sharing, and interacting with the MV Support Workers and each other.

“Our message, loud and clear, is that mental health care should be available to everyone,” added Sed Dehan, Chief Operating Officer of ManyVids. “We’re here to provide judgment-free support.”

While callers are not restricted to discussing issues related to sex work, ManyVids took some steps to understand the particular challenges that may arise from working in the adult industry to best support its content creators.  For more information about the MV Hotline, please visit *NSFW

To arrange a meeting with Stephanie Princivil in Montreal, email, or call 1-514-817-1628.

About ManyVids
ManyVids desires to transform the adult industry into a haven that promotes sex positivity by providing the best tools available to help adult content creators to become successful entrepreneurs. ManyVids has 1.5 million active members and over 14 700 independent content creators who use their turnkey e-commerce platform to connect with their fans and grow their fanbase. ManyVids has set a worldwide record by reaching over 59 million monthly page views and hosting 400 000 original vids and premium adult content. A forum for self-expression and hard-hitting debates, ManyVids is a hub for MV Stars and members to communicate with freedom and authenticity.  For more information, please visit

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