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The Psychology of Producing

betsy chasseProducing from Your Empowered Self

How to manage the egos and create a successful producing experience for yourself and your team

Workshop Details: Saturday March 24, 9am-2pm PST (1/2 break 12-12:30).

This is an online event. Attend from anywhere!

Join Award-Winning Producer/Director and Best-Selling Author Betsy Chasse and Award-Winning Producer Kseniya Yorsh in this one of a kind workshop to take you from a good producer to a great one.

Tickets $165.00 (Special for March workshop only Regularly $225.00)  and  Include a 1/2 hour private coaching call with Betsy Chasse or Kseniya Yorsh. (To be scheduled within 60 days after the event)

What makes a great Producer?

Think of a Producer on a film as “The Mother.” The guiding force behind the creative energy (The Director). A Producer is also creative, however their main role is to give birth to the entire film. Your job is to take the dream from beginning to end. To do that effectively you need multiple types of tools: logic, organization, leadership, and most importantly – human management skills. Your often a Type A personality, take charge and “get things done” type of person. Sometimes that doesn’t work when dealing with creative, artistic people, crafts people, males and females from all walks of life and backgrounds. Is it possible to have a harmonious work environment with every possible personality type? Yes, it is.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Management of different types of personalities. From the Instigator, The Drama Queen or King, The People Pleaser, The Misogynist, The Flirt, The Manipulator, and many more.
  • Learn how to figure out who you’re dealing with and effective tools for creating a successful working relationship so they can shine for you.
  • What is Emotional Intelligence and how to use compassion, empathy, and your intuition to successfully navigate all aspects of the Filmmaking Process.
  • The Producer Archetypes: Producer as a boss, manager, mother, and psychologist. Which one is needed and when.
  • How to deal with the challenges faced when emotions are high, crew is tired, and the pay is low.
  • What makes a Good Producer a Great Producer!

Betsy is an award-winning filmmaker of over 30 feature films, documentaries and TV/Web series including; What The Bleep Do We Know?!, Song of The New Earth, Pregnant In America, The Empty Womb and a Best-Selling author of 5 books, including; Tipping Sacred Cows, Dancing In The Unknown.

Kseniya Yorsh is an award-winning film producer who has produced 4 features and 14 short films that received distribution in the US, UK, Spain, France, Norway, Germany, and Japan. Besides such areas as story development and distribution, she also has a wide experience with on-set production of different levels of complexity.

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