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FEARLESS Releases Part 3 of Video Series ‘Fear of Rejection, Getting Past Failure with Women’

FEARLESSReposted from BSG PR

Men’s personal development website has just released Part 3 of its FEARLESS video series, ‘Getting Past Rejection and Failure with Women’.

In the new blog post and video, FEARLESS co-founder Brian Begin talks with former student-turned-coach Anthony about the realizations he had while getting rejected by women, his growth process and changing his relationship with – and attitude about – the concept of rejection.

Anthony further explains that flirting naturally brings with it some degree of tension between two people, and learning to manage and enjoy that tension can lead to chemistry and sexual excitement. Anthony and Brian also discuss societal reasons and other causes of awkwardness when initiating conversations with new people, and how to manage these moments of tension.

“So many men think women are rejecting them when it’s just initial awkwardness. You’re approaching a woman, period,” says Begin. “Initiating flirting should be accompanied by some degree of tension. Awkwardness is a form of tension…that, if handled correctly, can lead to sexual tension – aka chemistry or that ‘spark’ between two people, and turn-on in the woman.”

Begin’s FEARLESS partner Dave Stultz says that “too many people in our society just don’t start conversations or talk to people they don’t know… they get this twisted idea in their heads or even feel from people around them that it’s some unwritten rule NOT to approach and start conversations with people.

“But that’s bs… if you don’t buy into it, and you’re ok with people getting surprised or weird for a moment while you relax and stay open to them, many of them will open up.”

Begin adds that “Anthony is a great example of learning to handle that and turn what you see as a rejection into a connection, and I’m excited to have him and our other awesome coaches take guys out to practice at the seminar in New York all as part of our general ticket price.”

Anthony and other FEARLESS coaches will take men out to practice these and other skills as part of the company’s very first New York City edition of The Fearless Man Live seminar on April 7th & 8th.

Watch the full video at and find the first two FEARLESS articles at Getting Past Rejection and Failure with Women – Part 1 and Getting Past Rejection and Failure with Women – Part 2.

For more information about becoming FEARLESS with Brian Begin and Dave Stultz, visit

In 2013 dating & lifestyle coaches Brian Begin and Dave Stultz launched their first collaborative workshop that planted the seeds of FEARLESS, the personal improvement site that helps men push through fear, live courageously and get high impact results in all areas of their lives. FEARLESS brings out clients’ confidence and connection skills from their core so they can succeed at elite levels and build their true dream life.

Whether teaching in workshop or private-coaching formats, Begin and Stultz put heavy attention to detail on each client’s challenges through belief, thought and philosophy restructuring and real-world exercises to remove personal stumbling blocks so that natural confidence, communication and connection skills rise to the surface.

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