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Transdr, Tinder for Trans People, Is an Alternative to Craigslist Personals

Transdr.jpgReposted from Transdr

As Craigslist closed their personals section and Backpage was seized by the FBI after the bill “FOSTA” passed by Congress in March, the former users of those sites have been desperately looking for alternative sites. The trans community is also a very large part of this group.

Amid FOSTA crackdown, Transdr (Official site:, a Tinder-like app for trans people, has just launched across the globe. This new transgender dating app, which was released to the App store right after Craigslist closed its personals section, has grown to more than 6,200 users.

Despite the fact that Tinder had added gender options for trans people, they are still experiencing discrimination on it. Last month, a transgender woman sued Tinder for rejecting trans users without any reason ( Other transgender people have also accused Tinder on social media.

“Life has been so hard for trans people because they have to overcome the social stigma of being transgender. When it comes to dating, it’s even harder for them,” said Sean Kennedy, the co-founder of Transdr. “They need a comfortable place to meet and date with other trans people without judgement. So we created Transdr – a Tinder alternative for the trans community.”

According to TheDailyBeast (, Hungangels, a community focused on transgender issues, had removed their forum after President Trump signed SESTA/FOSTA into law.

“The closure of Hungangels’ forum, Craigslist personals and Backpage has forced trans people to find alternative places,” said Sean Kennedy. “Transdr is a new place for trans people who are looking for serious relationships. We also fight against sex trafficking and we encourage our users to report any suspicious activities related to sex trafficking.”

Transdr works similar to Tinder – its main feature, “Spark”, uses a similar AI system to promote other users to you based on your profile information and activities on the app. You can swipe right and left on a user.  Also, the app has a search feature like many dating apps, which allows you to search others if you don’t have a good result in “Spark” feature.

To help its users know about the updates of other users, Transdr generates a feed in its “Moments” feature once a user updates a photo. The message system of the app allows users to send a voice message, which helps users get to know one another much better.

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