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Feminine Wellness Brand Wants to Say Goodbye to “Basic” Vaginas Everywhere

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Queen V, a female-powered feminine hygiene company, launches better-for-you products while cultivating a community to speak openly about feminine wellness needs

Feminine wellness has long been a category created in a boardroom rather than having a woman’s true interest in mind. Queen V, a brand new female-powered feminine hygiene company, is here to say “no more.” Founder, Lauren Steinberg, created the line after becoming frustrated with current products that often did more harm than good. Queen V gives the category a fresh face with the launch of 11 products. The three-step regimen says goodbye to “basic” vaginas with better-for-you vaginal health options that allow women to #maintainyourV, #enjoyyourV and #healyourV. The brand also hopes to open up the conversation about feminine wellness, proving that vagina isn’t a bad word.

Steinberg, the daughter of a gynecologist, was discouraged by a space saturated with outdated products and harmful ingredients, so she set out to solve the problem herself. Queen V is a woman-to-woman company that seeks to revolutionize the category with trustworthy, better-for-you products bottled in a youthful and sexy package. Queen V products are made in FDA approved laboratories and come gynecologist recommended; every product is formulated with a 3.8-4.5 pH to match the body’s natural chemistry. The company’s mission is to empower millennial women to take control of their health by providing products that are easy to use, affordable, and free of harsh ingredients and chemicals, while encouraging an honest dialogue about feminine hygiene.

The company’s signature three-step regimen will leave women feeling healthy and confident including:

  • DD Probiotic: The DD (Daily Dose) probiotics promote vaginal and overall health by balancing naturally present yeast and bacteria, while also supporting digestive, immune, and antioxidant health. Just take one capsule orally per day with or without food, no refrigeration needed. SRP $12.98
  • V Bar: The V bar is the only all-natural cleansing bar with a 5 pH, specifically formulated to match the vagina’s natural pH range of 3.8-4.5. Enriched with vitamin E, rosewater, and aloe, the gynecologist-recommended V bar cleanses while protecting from irritation and infection. SRP $3.57
  • The Spritzer: The pH-balanced spritzer was designed to control odor while providing a hydrating boost. The Spritzer can be used at any time and only contains ingredients that are compatible with the vagina’s natural chemistry, so it won’t throw anything off. SRP $4.38
  • Swipe Right Wipes: Sweat down there can easily mess with the body’s natural pH, causing irritation, discomfort, redness and more. The pH-balanced Swipe Right Wipes were designed to deliver a refreshing cleanse at anytime, anywhere. SRP $4.16
  • Make It Reign Body Wash: This gentle foaming cleanser is formulated with green tea, mango, and chamomile extracts to hydrate and cleanse skin. Add the pH-balanced Make It Reign wash into any shower routine to protect from bacteria that can cause infection and irritation. SRP: $5.48
  • P.S. I Lube You: An aloe based personal lubricant and moisturizer that provides a mess-free glide. Formulated with sensitive skin types in mind, P.S. I Lube You is long-lasting, latex-friendly, and free of irritating side effects associated with most lubes on the market. SRP $4.98
  • Pop The Bubbly: Pop The Bubbly is a pH-balanced bubble bath infused with green tea, chamomile, and mango extracts. Formulated without parabens or irritants, Pop The Bubbly is necessary for a relaxing night in. SRP $5.48
  • Spray Bay Bay: Spray Bay Bay provides a smooth, continuous mist of organic aloe-based moisturizer. The lightweight formula sprays on with easy 360-degree application and a mess-free glide. Formulated with sensitive skin types in mind, Spray Bay Bay is long-lasting, latex friendly, and free of irritating side effects associated with others on the market. SRP $6.58
  • The Eraser: The Eraser is a vaginal suppository that helps relieve painful symptoms from a yeast infection and other irritations by helping to get rid of bad bacteria in the vagina. The suppository brings pH levels back to a natural state after a vaginal infection. SRP: $9.98
  • UTMI: UTMI helps to support and maintain urinary tract health with D-Mannose, a sugar known to support urinary tract health, and cranberry, an ingredient that helps bacterial anti-adherence to the UT lining in the vagina. SRP $13.98
  • Bombshell: The bombshell is a dye-free, all-natural bath bomb formulated with sweet orange and rosemary essential oils to help naturally relieve menstrual cramps and stressed bodies. SRP $5.48

In addition, through the company’s social media channels, Queen V aims to change the dialogue on feminine wellness by talking openly about vaginal health, sex and other topics that remain taboo for women to say out loud, because in 2018 vagina shouldn’t be a dirty word. With a brains over beauty approach, the goal isn’t to only make women feel beautiful on the inside, but also educate them on their body and the science behind many of the health issues they may be afraid to talk about.

Queen V products are available at Walmart stores nationwide. For more information, please visit

About Queen V:
Queen V is a female powered, millennial-focused feminine health and wellness company that is changing the face of the category. Founded by the daughter of a gynecologist, Queen V is dedicated to giving millennial women the royal treatment through cultivating a community of empowered women, and starting an honest conversation about feminine hygiene. The company introduced a line of pH-balanced, better-for-you products that are free of harmful ingredients that is easy-to-use, and affordable for women everywhere.


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