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LifeStyles® Condoms Introduces ZERO®, The Brand’s Thinnest Latex Condom

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Sexual Wellness Innovation Enhances Sensation and Closeness

LifeStyles, a global leader in sexual protection solutions and the makers of LifeStyles® and SKYN® Condoms (“SKYN”), announces today the launch of LifeStyles ZERO®, the brand’s thinnest natural rubber latex condom design.

As pioneers and global leaders in the sexual wellness category, LifeStyles continues to develop breakthrough innovations for the brand’s line of premium condoms, lubricants and pleasure enhancers. LifeStyles ZERO is now the brand’s thinnest latex condom, coming in at 52% thinner than top selling LifeStyles Extra Strength condom. The virtually invisible barrier offers users a natural, barely-there feel, allowing for maximum sensation and closeness.

“Much like our SKYN range paved the way as the first latex-free polyisoprene condoms, ZERO will revolutionize the latex condom category by offering maximum sensation,” says Jeyan Heper, CEO of LifeStyles. “Staying protected cannot and should not require a compromise on sensation, individuality or connection as a couple. We’re proud to be zeroing in on this issue and closing the gap.”

The closer feel of this design offers individuals the confidence to feel sexually empowered, while supporting digital campaign elements highlight how couples can get closer physically and emotionally with confidence.

All LifeStyles condoms are triple tested to meet the highest U.S. reliability standards. The premium lubricated ZERO condom is available at a wide range of retailers, drugstores, grocery and convenience stores across the U.S., as well as online at

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About LifeStyles
LifeStyles has a history dating back to 1905 when Eric Ansell first started making condoms in Richmond, Australia. Today LifeStyles is a Global leader in the sexual wellness sector, comprising a broad range of condom, personal lubricant and other related products. LifeStyles is the world’s #2 condom company with leading latex brands such as LifeStyles®, Jissbon®, Manix®, Unimil®, Blowtex® and others, as well as the fast-growing, highly-innovative non-latex condom brand SKYN®. LifeStyles Healthcare was created on 1 September 2017 when the consortium of Humanwell Healthcare & CITIC Capital private equity purchased the Sexual Wellness division from Ansell.


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