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The Exxxotica Dungeon

The Dungeon at the Edison, NJ EXXXOTICA Expo 2014

Looking for the latest information on what’s hot and trending in the world of sex and adult entertainment?  Check out the articles below!

Celebrities Share What Equality Means To Them In Video From The 28th Annual GLAAD Media Awards  (Jun 2017)
Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo – 2016 Recap  (Jan 2017)
Porn Beer. Yes, You Read That Right. (Nov 2016)
EXXXOTICA EXPO – Edison, NJ 2015 Review  (May 2016)
Porn 101 by APAC  (Mar 2016)
C.J. Asher Visits The Museum Of Sex (MoSEX) in New York City  (Apr 2015)
Reasonable Fear: A Theatrical Exploration of Street Harassment and Rape Culture  (Apr 2015)
Sex Blogger C.J. Asher To Review 12 NYC Gentlemen’s Clubs in 12 Hours  (Mar 2015)
EXXXOTICA Expo – Edison, NJ 2014 Review  (Nov 2014)
My Adventures at the Legal Brothels of Nevada  (Sep 2014)

Interview with sex and adult entertainment journalist – C.J. Asher – The Erotic Guide (Jul 2017)
Philly Sex Coalition Goes Live – (Sep 2016)
‘Sex Coalition’ Unites Philly Businesses – Philadelphia Metro (Sep 2016)
C.J. Asher Criticizes Promotion of ‘Black Out’ Trucker Hat – (Sep 2016)
Adult Stars Describe Superhero Fantasies in New C.J. Asher Video – (Mar 2016)

6 Sugar Babies Walk Into A Bar…  (Dec 2016)
Sex-Positive Groups & Organizations React To Trump’s Presidential Victory (Nov 2016)
Women Speak Out On Donald Trump’s Treatment of Women  (Oct 2016)
An Open Letter to BroBible Regarding “Rape Culture” Trucker Hat
 (Sep 2016)
An Open Letter to Elizabeth Smart Regarding Her Views On Pornography (Aug 2016)
Responses To Expect From Your Sugar Daddy Profile (Mar 2016)
Porn Stars of the World, Unite! Presenting The I.E.A.U.  (Feb 2016)
The Different Types of Sugar Baby Arrangements (Oct 2015)
Arranging Your Sugar Baby First Date  (Aug 2015)
PA Lawmakers to Vote on Bill to Create “Stripper Registry”  (Jun 2015)
C.J. Asher Presents Gentlemen’s Clubs 101: A Beginner’s Guide  (Jun 2015)
Why I Support a Legalized and Regulated Prostitution Industry (Jun 2015)
The Pervasive Mistreatment of Women in Game of Thrones (May 2015)
C.J. Asher’s Guide To The Sugar Baby Arrangement  (May 2015)
Is “Yes Means Yes” An Empty Victory For Women?  (Oct 2014)
Why I Respect Strippers  (Sep 2014)
God, Get Your Ass Down Here!  (Sep 2014)
It Takes All Kinds…  (Aug 2014)
The Changing Face of “Prostitution”  (Aug 2014)
My Take On The World’s Oldest Profession  (Aug 2014)

‘The Art of the Pimp’ by Dennis Hof  (Jun 2015)
‘If… Then: a collection of erotic romance stories’ by Emerald  (Mar 2015)
Documentary Review: Love in Porn by Kseniya Yorsh  (Jul 2016)
‘Turning Blue’ by Stuart Canterbury  (Jul 2016)
Documentary Review: ‘Poly Love’ by Kseniya Yorsh  (May 2017)

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